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Our target is become your partner to apply

the composite materials in your products


Our Company produce parts in advanced composite materials.

It intends a compound of artificial fibres (Carbon, Aramid, Alutex, Glass, Basalt, Boron) or natural fibres (Cotton, Jute, Silk) or Honeycomb (Nomex, Alu, Airex) or Layer (Balsa, Nobel essence of wood) founded in a matrix resin (polyether-l, epoxy, phenol).

We obtain a new product, not existing in nature, who represents the syntesis of the various materials employed in the fabrication.

The advanced composite have been direct  developed for aerospace industries, and now due to it unique characteristic (Mechanical, Physical, Aesthetical), found large employment in the production of Bike, motorbike, Automotive, Sport, Nautical, Furniture and Light Fashion Industries.

Composite materials allow you to create forms and high strength structures with a very light weight.

Fields of application are virtually endless. Our experience provides a valuable aid in the development of the production.

We will help you to find the most suitable materials to your specific needs.


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